Metal & Mechanical

  • Highly alcaline compound that was formulated and developed specially for desgreasing and strip paint internal combustion engines. Ferroclean contains a high percentage on special additives that assure a quick and complete cleaning task.

  • Multiple-task cleaning compund, it is soft but effective an the same time. It penetrates, disperse and emulsifies even the most difficult spots because of it's sinergic action. It is effective in the hardest waters preventing the calcic salts to be deposited.

  • Cream based product, concentrated with exfoliant properties to clean and degrease the hands, it's formula does not irritates or damages the skin. This hand cream was designed to be washable for the cleaning and grease elimination.

  • Ecosolve is an ecological hidrocarbon with easy degradation and enveronment-friendly, does not content chloride or toxic solvents and is dielectric (22kv) and flam point 40� C. It lets us use it with safety even in electrical engines (specially on or off - energized).

  • It's spray application forms a thin layer of no metallic phosphate, cristaline appropiate to get organical coatings or other applications on metalic surfaces.

  • Water based protective oil. It's used as an inhibitor on iron and other metals protecting them during their under-roof storage.

  • Lubricated oil for general use in metal modelating. This product has been specially developed to be used on the most severe oparations in cut of hard ferrous metals.

  • Cutting oil that contains a pack of lubricators, detergents, antifoams, and biocides that provide a prolonged lifetime to the product. Keeping a clean and healthy process, a higher durability, non-toxic. Does not transmit bad odors and increase the useful life of the tool.

  • Indusrial degreaser that emulsifies heavy grease, oils, dirt, and other wastes in any washable surface. This is a versatile degreaser designed to any industrial or food area.

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