• detergent that has all the components for an effective wash even in extreme dirt conditions.

  • softener for domestic use that leaves a soft, silky finish, it has a component for a better clothing sanitizer, taking care of the color, and the aspect of the clothes. It reduces the static on nylon and other synthetic fibers.

  • Power cleaner for all uses with a kind fragance.

  • Germicidal detergent with acid and concentrated odor killer that acts on contact with water and doubles as tartar remover.

  • Detergent for washing kitchen utensils and restaurants.

  • Base to prepare concentrated liquid detergent. Its ingredients can result in a multi-purpose detergent with excellent degreasing and highly economical. Features: 15 kilos yield 100 liters. Detergent.

  • Cleaner manufactured from pine oil that has attributes of disinfectant and aromatic flavoring.

  • Liquid multipurpose cleaner for cleaning walls, floors, tiles, etc.

  • Effective and economical method to sanitize the floors, and ceilings of the floor or wall tiles and mosaics in addition to control odors in the areas of refrigeration and platforms runoff.

  • Compuesto de aromatizante en solución acuosa de efecto prolongado que se puede diluir o usar directo con pistolas aspersoras manuales.

  • Multi-purpose liquid cleaner safely and effectively in the daily maintenance of floors, walls, doors, refrigeration equipment, etc.

  • It has great moisturizing power for embedding a fast and remove the detergent does not require high time for action or excessive mechanical work. When soda is used for this purpose as it can be added as an additive to reduce the interfacial tension.

  • Non-toxic solvent slow evaporation, especially formulated for cleaning rollers and printing equipment. Removes fats and oils as well as other pollutants without affecting painted surfaces, plastic and rubber from other materials susceptible to solvents.

  • Highly concentrated neutral liquid product for use in institutional soapcontainers. I’ts thick foam easily rinsed clean and degrease. Do not mistreat the hands and contains an effective disinfectant that controls bacteria and viruses. Non-toxic.

  • Very powerful solvent cleaner specially designed for fast evaporation process of cleaning electrical or electronic computers, typewriters, electronic brains, boards contactors and delicate electronic equipment, electrical systems, dynamos, etc.



  • Highly caustic product, with formulation is specially designed to remove embedded grease, carbonized and dirt, contains strong alkali surfactants for maximum quality. It is used in ovens and grills.

  • degreaser for grills and ovens.

  • Efficient biocidal product in action and used as a deodorizing antibacterial, disinfectant, sanitizer, germicide, virucidal and fungicidal. The s21 biocide is used in industries, processing plants. Stores, animal labs, etc.

  • Detergent for kitchen equipment, pots, etc.. Use concentration 1 in 40.

  • Cleaner Degreaser. Concentration for use 1 in 40.

  • Cleaner Degreaser. Concentration for use 1 in 500.

  • Active device for preventive and corrective maintenance of pipes.


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