• AdaClean Degreaser

    concentrated and biodegradable product which formula is specially designed to remove carbonized and difficult grease spots and others, it contains alcalis and sulfate for a maximum efficent cleaning. It's used for ovens and grills.

  • AdaClean Disinfectant - Deodorizing

    quick action and a high efficent germicide. Eliminates germs providing care and protection to your family. This product posses a wide biocide spectrum against microorganisms such as: Escheriquia Coli, Serratia marcesens, Salmonella Tiphy, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Choleraesus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, HIV-1, simple Herpes, Human Flu, Rubella.

  • AdaClean Rugs

    concentrated product, designed to eliminate hard spots. Effective for textile, vinil, and solid surfaces cleaning.

  • AdaClean Bathrooms

    high-performance product for bathroom cleaning because removes tartar, fungi and odor-causing germs.

  • AdaClean Glasses

    highly effective product for glass cleaning, marmol, tiles, chromo, aluminum, plastics, granite, and mirrors. This product does not leave spots or scraps, it doesn`t spot or tarnishes, leaving a clear and clean surface.

  • AdaGel

    Hand cleaner, disinfect eliminating all types of germs.

  • AdaGel Peach

    Hand cleaner scented peach, disinfects eliminating all types of germs.

  • AdaGel Apple

    Hand cleaner apple scented, disinfects eliminating all types of germs.

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